Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats

Elana Harte& Stiletto Flats lays out their self titled release with a thick richness of bluesy classic rock driven sounds.  Elana’s warm and husky sounding vocals give each song a smooth and thick balance of Blues and Classic Rock.

The self titled album starts off with a blues and jazzed up song titled “End Of The Day”. The laid back sound of the 70’s reigns out throughout the track. The lead guitar and especially the bridge solo that hits around the two minute mark in the song adds such a great classic rock blanket over the song. Elana’s deeper rooted vocals add that extra blues/jazz sound to the song. I like how she keeps to the root of her vocals and doesn’t go out of range when there were some areas where other artists would have probably sung in a higher pitch.

Up next is another classic rock/blues number called “Shape Of You”. Throughout the song you will probably be attracted to the lead guitar for most of the track. There are a couple of illustrative solos in the song but mostly the lead guitar seems to drown out a lot of what’s going on in the song. Elana’s acoustic guitar gets buried a couple of times in the song from the lead electric guitar.  I’m still on the fence when it comes to the backing vocals in the song. A couple of times the backing vocals seem to work with the lead vocals then other times they almost seen to squeeze in behind Elana’s vocals.  

The album finishes off with one of the faster tempo songs on the album with a song titled “I’ll Be”. The song opens up with a lengthy electric guitar solo, with the rest of the band quietly orchestrating their entrance into the song. Throughout “I’ll Be” the lead electric guitar takes full control of the song and pretty much takes the song in a different direction during the bridges in the song with the solo. The lyrics are quite cleverly written and there is still probably a good chance that I don’t get half of the hidden messages that are in the lyrics.

To pick up your copy of Elana Harte and Stiletto Flats visit http://elanaharte.com/


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