Kill Matilda Interview
Kill Matilda Interview

You guys Just finished touring across Canada once again. How do you guys survive travelling across the country over and over again? 

We look at the alternative to performing live from town to town and the thought of not traveling and having fun and partying with thousands of happy faces across Canada.. that though drives us insane.How do we survive? How could we survive not doing it?

What brought on the move from Vancouver to Toronto?

We did the best we could in Vancouver. We met a lot of awesome professionals in the industry in that city and worked with some amazing people. That being said we need to grow and get our name out there... our greatest product is our live show and we needed to bring it to the most populated part of Canada in order to have an impact in all of Canada

What are your plans while living in Toronto?

Our plans include: partying, playing a tonne of shows, slaying zombies, producing music videos, touring the united states,recording some D.I.Y split E.Ps with our friends and building a cool band home.

Touring in support of your new Ep. What was the idea behind the track listing on the ep?

We wanted to give our recorded music listeners a taste of our live set and after playing hundreds of stages across the land we felt that these songs really showed up well live and rocked a lot of rooms. 

Are you going to release any other songs acoustically?

We have played with the idea while on tour. In Moose Jaw we had to play an acoustic gig and we tried out a couple things that got over well ;)

Are you working on any new material?

As we speak our new six song EP is being finished in the studio and being mixed by an amazing production/mixing team. They have worked together on a lot of big albums and we are literally losing our collective minds over how it sounds! We are doing a lot of work to get ready to explode all over the place with it.

Where can people find your online content?

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