Kris and Dee with Greg Ball
Kris and Dee with Greg Ball


On Wednesday night at the Mansion Kris and Dee took to the stage with Greg Ball starting off the night.

Tonight was easily the best preview of albums that I have ever watched in Kingston, as I got to hear Greg Ball sing a couple of his new songs that are currently in the works as well as Kris and Dee testing out songs as well on the audience. Now as much as I want to talk about the new songs I don’t really want to spoil the surprises for anyone else. 

As Greg Ball started off the night he definitely entertained the crowd with his music and in between song bantering. Greg’s set was comprised of songs from his previous two albums as well as a couple of new songs broken down into acoustic form. “Alter Ego” was my favourite new song which Greg performed. About midway through his set Greg played my favourite song of his Excessive Until August. The song that followed Excessive Until August was for sure the funniest segment of his set, I’m pretty sure it’s one of the songs that Greg has been working on for his new record so I will keep most of the details quiet for now. While trying to find his footing for the song Greg quickly explained the rough meaning of the song but it was still the whole part of Greg trying to get his footing that made the entire opening funny as hell. To finish off his set Greg played a song off his Mr.Rightplace album “Carnivore” and just before he started the song he talked quickly about the meaning of the song and talked back and forth with one of the audience members which had the Mansion in stitches.

With probably their last Kingston performance before they reappear with their brand new album in hand Kris and Dee took to the stage. Just as in Greg’s set we got to hear a nice portion of the songs that Kris and Dee are currently working, we were also told be Kris that there is a good chance that the versions that we were listening to tonight may not be the same as the recorded versions. One of my favourite new songs and the song that has stuck out the most to me so far was what I can remember now was titled “Cold Chisel”, the story behind the title is actually quite simple but what really leaves me impressed is how Kris and Dee are able to create an entire song around a simple mason tool. One song in particular though “Newfoundland” still sticks out every time I hear Kris and Dee perform the song live, it is the one song that speaks louder than all the others and it works out great for me as well because the song is also a staple song in their live sets, tonight they invited Rae Corcoran onstage to help out with the vocals and harmonies. Another song that I have heard a couple of times now that is going to be on the new album is “Mackerel Sky”, I first heard Kris and Dee play this song at the Women’s Fest in Kingston a little over a year ago now. A few songs in Kris went through the most polite and possibly the highest political response someone could ever say towards a chattering audience, which also worked instantly and I must add worked for the rest of Kris and Dee’s set.  A few songs after the midway point in their set they invited Greg Ball back up onto the stage to play a cover of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” which was also the most harmonized rendition of the song that I have ever listened to before. Now throughout every Kris and Dee performance the distinguished sounds of Kris’s guitar playing has always reigned out in their shows. With every song that they play Kris has a different pedal and sound effect setup for her acoustic guitar. This helps give each song its own sound and characteristics, this especially jumps out as they change tempos within each song. Also I have to add it’s always a blast watching her play and watch her get lost within each song especially during a solo, this is something that can only be witnessed and enjoyed when you watch Kris and Dee play live. 





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