Paint with Vorasek live at the Merchant 2012

On Friday night Paint made their return back to Kingston playing at the Merchant Tap House with Vorasek starting the night off.

Paint arrived back in Kingston playing their second last show on their current tour, although if you have ever watched Paint play in Kingston at any of their previous shows you may have noticed that the band has gone through a drastic lineup change, The remaining original member of Paint is lead vocalist Robb Johannes.

Starting the night off was Vorasek, every time I see these guys play their live act gets a little bit tighter and they are constantly adding new original songs to their setlist. Tonight they started right into a brand new song, which completely blew me away especially the duel guitars of Pat and Jeebs. In Vorasek there is no lead guitarist as Pat and Jeebs both take turns playing lead and backup, and the riffs that these guys keep coming out with is something that has the be heard. These guys are a few years ahead of their time already for coming up with the riffs and leads that they are playing each night. They are already working on their next album and I can’t wait to hear it after watching what they played tonight. They still played most of the songs that they would normally play and in around the same order as well, which works out great if you have never watched or heard them perform. Pat hit a string of bad luck right into their first song as one of his guitar strings broke not even halfway through the song, and he was stuck for the rest of the set playing without the one string. You could see it in his face during a couple of his leads where the missing string was causing him a little bit of stress. It took the guys to play Black Sabbath – Paranoid in their set before they really got the crowd into what they were playing on stage. In classic Vorasek form they finished off their set with “Bolder”.

I was interested in hearing the “new sound” from Paint, during an interview before hand Robb explained how there is only one guitarist in the band now and he has taken on role as mainly a lead singer and only strapping on his guitar in a few select songs throughout their set. Right from their first song I just went holy F*ck why didn’t they do this a couple years back, Robb’s live performance throughout the first song made their songs explode in comparison to earlier on. He looked so natural on stage from his opening note that he sang, it didn’t take Robb anytime at all to pretty much take full control of the audience and the stage. I have never seen him so alive before than what I saw tonight, I still can’t believe they didn’t do the change a long time ago. Now minus a guitar player their live sound has had a few guitar layers knocked off on a few songs but to me it didn’t matter to me while watching the performance that was going on stage. Now Robb also didn’t hog the stage either he gave each member their own solos in a couple of songs also nearing the last song he even took a seat at the back of the stage and let Nathan show the remaining audience what he had still had left in the tank. Their setlist was a mixture of their first album “Can You Hear Me?” and their latest album titled “Where We Are Today”. Their set was missing a cover song or two that had become a staple in their set as well, but now with a more of a rock edge to their songs their cover of MGMT might not go over as well as the song did before. To finish out their set Paint played a cover of “Leavin’ Here”