The Glorious Sons The Union
The Glorious Sons The Union

Today is the day as the long awaited full length debut album from The Glorious Sons - The Union hits stores shelves. They are currently on a cross Canada tour in support of the album touring with Airbourne and One Bad Son.

If you thought that they couldn’t outdo their debut ep that received radio play all across Canada then hold on because album packs an even bigger punch. The album consists of eleven songs with my personal favourite “White Noise” and their first hit single “Mama” finding their way back into the rotation.

The album starts off with “Man Made Man” this song is definitely the song that is meant to set up the rest of the album. The slower tempo intro and by the way that the song slowly builds up. Whatever in the hell that cranking sound is that they added to the start of the song adds a different sound effect to the intro and throughout the song. This song almost seems as a vocal warmup for Brett. He sings a few lyrics in his whiskey fuelled vocals that he is now known for but he keeps it mostly for the chorus of the song and doesn’t layer it on too thick. I really like the beat that Adam has going on in the drums to close out the song.

And here we have the first single and lead off hit from the album up next “Heavy”. Now if you really want to see this tune come alive then you for sure have to check The Glorious Sons out live. Even on the recorded version it almost sounds as if Brett is about to blow a nut in the vocals as he rips into the chorus and “come heavy or don’t come at all”. The backing vocals are a great touch to the song as well they really help put that extra layer onto the track especially finishing off the song. There is something about the easy sounding intro riff that plays perfectly right into the rhythm of the song. 

“The Union” would be my guess as the second single released from the album. The rhythm, beat and guitar work definitely has The Trews flavouring to it. Adam really pulls the song together  and gives the songs its drive through with his drum work, with the tom and kick drum. Now I for sure can’t ignore the catchy as hell opening lick into the song. Then following the opening lick you hear Brett sing a line that is probably true which made me laugh the first time I listened to the song. 

I still remember the night that The Glorious Sons introduced us to “Gordie”. They were still putting a little more work into the song when the debuted it to us at The Merchant. But nonetheless it still became another instant hit with the audience. There is a few more elements into the recorded version than what we heard that night. The transition from the acoustic to the electric guitar is nicely put together, I really like how it happened in middle of the line that Brett was singing. If you were looking for a campfire anthem song off of the album than this is going to be your song. 


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